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Health and importance of air renewal indoor

1 June 2023

One of the most critical issues, also in the light of what has happened in these pandemic years, is indoor air quality, not only to prevent and counteract the spread of viruses, but also to reduce CO2 levels. We have evolved in the open air for thousands of years with an average carbon dioxide concentration of around 280 parts per million (ppm). Today we are at 442 ppm and that is what we all breathe outdoors in a big city, let alone in an enclosed environment with dozens of people inside, where carbon dioxide concentration levels become impossible.  

All studies show that the more CO2 increases, the more our cognitive performance drops. Despite this, most of us live and work in homes and offices with very high CO2 concentrations without worrying about the effects on our health. 

The research of MasterLAB, the research and development centre of the Master group, focused on such a highly critical issue. Thus the APRO project was born in 2022 : the new line of intelligent window automation systems 

APRO is the new complete range of actuators, electric locks and control systems developed to remotely manage the natural ventilation of a building’s interior, ensuring high safety standards, and utmost living comfort. 

Efficiency, but also design, since APRO is designed above all to make the openings of modern residential, commercial and industrial buildings automatic and intelligent by enhancing the design of these new architectures, thanks to a range of accessories that can transform any window or door into an integrated Home Automation element. 

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